Saturday, June 1, 2013

Trend Report: Girly Punk

With the release of Paramore’s new self-titled album, Hayley Williams has fully developed her sense of style as being a lead female vocalist in a pop/punk band. In both her recent Nylon cover shoot and music video for the song “Still Into You,” Williams has combined feminine prints and girly, bright colors with fun animal prints or tougher shapes, such as a bomber jacket or studded accessories. Her seamlessly easy combinations give a fun, youthful feel to her overall outfit.

Here are several of Williams’ outfits:

Here is how I adapted her style:

Fashion Spotlight: Alley Cat

High/low black dress with cutout, vintage belt, black Forever 21 flats with studs and retro sunglasses

Project Greenway Fashion Show 2013

On May 11, 2013, The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum in Chicago hosted ACE’s third annual Project Greenway Fashion Show. ACE (Alliance for Climate Education) is an organization that teaches high school students about climate change and inspires them to partake in activities to not only raise environmental awareness, but also to try to put an end to global warming. The Project Greenway Fashion Show is an opportunity for students to show off their creativity in two categories: styled vintage outfits and repurposed/recyclable designs.
As last year’s winner of the repurposed/recyclable designs, I was asked by Sophie Ostlund, a member of ACE, to participate as a judge in this year’s show. As one of three judges, we critiqued the looks on visual impact, originality, and use of the reusable materials. Being a judge was an entertaining and stressful process. It was amazing to see the beautiful designs, but it become quite difficult for the three of us to decide on the winners for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places!

Yet, we finally came to a conclusion and awarded first place in the recycled category to a floor-length dress, made by weaving plastic bags to create an intricate and couture-looking final piece.

To see all the designs from the event click on the link below:

Here is my winning design from the 2012 Project Greenway fashion show:

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Trend Report: Chicago Hip Hop Style

The Chicago hip hop music scene has been headlining all the recent newspapers, with articles on Chance the Rapper and former band Kids These Days. However, the music needs to take a quick backseat as we examine the defining styles of this culture. Their fashions are simple, yet worthy of being on a stage. Chance the Rapper has recently been rocking a tye dyed “acid trippy” hoodie, along with this signature snapback hat. Members of Kids These Days kept their looks cohesive by wearing well-fitting jeans, along with a basic or graphic tee. Other rising artists are Kelsey and Noname Gypsy, who add their feminine twist by mixing in either frilly pieces or taking the more “male hip hop look” and adding accessories such as hoop earrings or heavier makeup.

Here are some pictures of Chance the Rapper and Vic Mensa of Kids These Days:

Here is how I adapted the trends for a female look:

Fashion Spotlight: Pookie Dots

 Forever 21 Palazzo Pants and Vintage Yellow Cropped Top

Is Fashion Art?

Mary Tres is a current fashion design student at the School of Art Institute of Chicago. She can be found styling her friends and thrift shopping.  Her work is a product of visibility between the arts and the city. This blog is a collection of articles, clothing ensembles, and style spotlights in relation to the city.

I have experienced a lot of critique from family and peers on whether fashion can be considered an art, especially when compared to other art forms such as painting and sculpting, As a designer/stylist, I want my work to be shown on a runway, sold in stores, and worn by celebrities. I believe that having high goals pushes me to work harder in production. Yet, these very goals seem to be the reason why fashion is looked down upon in the art world and beyond.

During art school courses, numerous students wanted to make art for art’s sake, with no intention of commercial success.I do think that this is a beautiful reason to follow a passion and should not be discredited. However, I also think that fashion works differently. The cost of fabric and the time that goes into each garment is extraordinary. If the work isn’t sold, how can one move on to making the next garment with a zeroed-out bank account?

In terms of styling, I’ve also heard that it appears materialistic. Some claim that when compared to designing, the job isn’t as important. Yet, I strongly disagree. A dress can be amazingly constructed, however, if the person wearing it isn’t the right fit for the design or if the paired ankle boots are weighing the dress down, the construction of the design has been completely lost in the ill styling.
All in all, clothing, more so than anything, acts as the first impression of who you are. Both designers and stylists produce looks that fit various personalities and incorporate different pieces to act as a single ensemble. That in itself is an art.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Trend Report: The Great Gatsby

The 20’s was a decade of jazz, flappers, and the original gangsters. With the new release of The Great Gatsby, the fashion of this time period is once again trending. Fashions for women included drop waist dresses, fringe detail, faux fur accents, pastel colors with touches of gold and silver, and numerous hair accessories, such as bejewled headbands and sparkly barrettes.

Here are some pictures of the main character Daisy in the Great Gatsby:

Here is how to incorporate these trends with a modern aesthetic: